Music For Guardians, Volume I (An Album of Original Piano Arrangements Inspired by “Destiny”)

by Lady Desirée

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It has been my pleasure to celebrate “Destiny” by making this album of original piano arrangements, comprising the first three years of the game and of our community.
Listening and playing music is how I process deep emotions. It brings everything I am feeling to the surface so that I can feel it, reflect on it, and move forward. The music of “Destiny” came at the most turbulent point of my life - my father passed away and I went through a divorce - two “deaths” in the span of a short time. The soundtrack to “Destiny” and the process of arranging these pieces for piano was a lifeline to me. Tracks like “Remembrance” helped me feel my Father near me, while pieces like “Bow to No One” and “Rise of Iron” helped me discover who I am at my core, refining and heightening my strengths in spades. For that, I will forever be grateful for the music of “Destiny”. It will always be the most important soundtrack of my life.


released July 14, 2017

Thank you to the composers that worked on the music of the “Destiny” universe - Marty O’Donnell, C. Paul Johnson, Skye Lewin, and most of all - someone I am proud to call a friend - Mike Salvatori; you have been so gracious and supportive in my endeavors, and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you to the friends I’ve made at Bungie and Activision who have made me feel “important” in the midst of such greatness! A very HUGE thank you to the Destiny community - the Destiny subreddit, the content creators who have included me and my work in YouTube videos and on your podcasts, and the “Destiny” fans that have become my family over the years…I love you all so much! Thank you to my friend Sean Francis, who pushed me to do this and made it happen. I could NOT have made this album without you. Thank you to my clan, Outdoor Cats, for all the games, laughter, and for carrying me to The Lighthouse so many times! Thank you to all of my Twitch subscribers, moderators, and regulars…you're making my dreams come true, night after night. Special thank yous to my Mother and my Sisters for their unconditional love and inspiration, I couldn’t ask for a better family. Thank you to my late Father; if I can one day be half the musician and person that he was, I will consider myself extremely lucky. And lastly, thank you to my three wonderful children. I love you all more than I could ever articulate. You are the reason music even matters.

All songs arranged, performed, and recorded by Lady Desirée


“Boss Medley I” is an original arrangement; arranged by Lady Desirée, based upon the compositions End of the Line / Into the Pit / The Last Array / Shadow Thief / Queen’s Ransom / Regicide / The Union [all songs published by BUNGIE MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP) © 2014-2016]

“Bow to No One” written by Michael Salvatori, C. Paul Johnson, and Skye Lewin; published by BUNGIE MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP)

“Cabal Stomp,” “End of the Line,” “Guardian,” “Into the Pit,” “The Last Array,” “Sepiks Prime,” and “The Union” written by Michael Salvatori, C. Paul Johnson, and Martin O’Donnell; published by BUNGIE MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP)

“Queen’s Ransom” and “Shadow Thief” written by Michael Salvatori, C. Paul Johnson, Skye Lewin, and Martin O’Donnell; published by BUNGIE MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP)

“Regicide” written by C. Paul Johnson; published by BUNGIE MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP)

“Remembrance” written by Michael Salvatori; published by BUNGIE MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP)

“Rise of Iron” written by Michael Salvatori and Skye Lewin; published by BUNGIE MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP)

• Original compositions and performances of “Cabal Stomp,” “End of the Line,” “Guardian,” “The Last Array,” and “The Union” can be found on “Destiny (Original Soundtrack)” ℗ 2014 Bungie Music Publishing

• Original compositions and performances of “Bow to No One,” “Into the Pit,” “Queen’s Ransom,” “Regicide,” “Remembrance,” and “Shadow Thief” can be found on “Destiny: The Taken King Original Soundtrack” ℗ 2015 Bungie Music Publishing

• Original composition and performance of “Rise of Iron” can be found on “Destiny: Rise of Iron” ℗ 2015 Bungie Music Publishing

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Logo designed by Sean Francis & Lady Desirée

Additional artwork by Sean Francis



all rights reserved


Lady Desirée Tallahassee, Florida

Florida State University music grad and gamer nerd.
Piano teacher by day, Twitch Creative streamer & YouTube creator by night, and a live performer whenever possible.

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